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Founded in 1998 and with offices in the US, UK, Canada, and Brazil, 360i is a digital marketing agency that offers high-level services for companies that need to compete in the digital world. The agency provides an array of services, including social marketing, search marketing, consumer insights, creative and technology, measurement and analytics, media planning and buying, mobile marketing, strategy, and digital education and training. It has a proven track record when it comes to increasing conversations, developing strategies, buying and planning media, and more. Some of the agency's most note-worthy clients include Capital One, Coca-Cola, Diageo, H&R Block, NBC Universal, Oreo, Oscar Mayer, UGG Australia, Toyota, and more.

The people at ab+c truly are veterans, with more than 40 years of experience in helping brands take their creative campaigns to the next level. Dubbed by AdWeek as the 2013 "TopShop" in Delaware, the company provides an array of creative and analytical services to help brands effectively reach their target audience. ab+c has offices in Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It specializes in business-to-business and consumer marketing and has tremendous experience with local, regional, national, and international accounts in several industries. Some of the company's clients include Mitsubishi Fuso, The Chester County Hospital, Office of Highway Safety, and more.

Founded by former Saatchi and Saatchi CCO Gerry Graf, Barton F. Graf 9000 LLC is an advertising agency that's driven by creativity. It is behind some notable and highly entertaining video, digital, radio, event, and print campaigns, including High 85, and Ohhh for Little Caesars, Talk Boston for Dish, Sleep Over for Ragu, The Power of Mind for Kayak, You Can't See It for Dish, and more. Barton F. Graf 9000 LLC has done a great deal for its clients and has helped them successfully land placements on top-notch media properties, including AdAge, The Today Show, The Huffington Post, and more.

Few agencies are as successful as GSD&M when it comes to balancing professional standards with a fun work environment. With their headquarters in Austin, Texas, these advertisers are dedicated to purpose-based branding, working to identify a client company's core purpose and redesigning their brand around it. This agency has taken on such clients as Walgreens, Southwest Airlines, Caesars Entertainment, AT&T, Zales, and even the United States Air Force. Their creative campaigns focus on bringing consumers a behind-the-scenes look at their clients' products and services, as well as grabbing those consumers' attention with a series of funny and relatable video ads

Horizon Media is one of the fastest-growing media services companies in the world. Their mission is to help their clients sell more products and build up their brand with media-neutral strategic planning, effective advertising placement, and experienced marketing negotiation. As the co-founder of Columbus Media International, Horizon truly has a global reach, with strong connections to multiple ad agencies in 60 different territories worldwide. Among its most notable achievements in marketing include helping GEICO develop a stronger Web presence and putting together a last-minute TV spot for Google to air during the 2010 Super Bowl, which had 110 million viewers

Initiative is a fast-growing global communications network, bridging together companies and consumers in 75 markets all over the world. As a subsidiary of Interpublic, this media agency is committed to providing all their clients with resources and expertise in content creation, media planning and buying, digital communications, social media outreach, and search analytics. Initiative's guiding philosophy is to strip away the complexity of the marketing business in order to bring companies and consumers closer together. Their determination and skill is clear in the work that they've done for such well-known clients as Amazon, Hertz Rent-a-Car, Omega Pharma, and Tesco Bank.

JWT (short for J. Walter Thompson) is the fourth-largest advertising agency in the world and a proud member of the multinational advertising company WPP. Named by Adweek as "Global Agency of the Year" in 2009, JWT employs over 10,000 marketing professionals around the world to help clients manage their brands. This same company produced the very first TV commercial in 1939 and has continued to produce famous media campaigns ever since, including "The Bologna Song" for Oscar Mayer. Today, JWT's clients include such famous brands as Ford, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, Macy's, Nokia, Vonage, and the US Marine Corps.

As an innovative advertising agency, KBS+ is committed to helping their clients grow through providing creative content on modern platforms. Because the agency wants to move quickly to give each client and their brand the best media coverage, KBS+ has developed a practice known as "Speed to Genius." They can apply this fast-paced problem solving approach to generating new ideas for their clients and fixing whatever brand management issues they might have. Employees at the agency are trained to think like the entrepreneurs they come to serve. KBS+ has produced content for the likes of BMW, PUMA, HomeGoods, and Jergens.

Since 1923, Ketchum has provided excellent advertising and public relations management around the world. Using a process known as "ReCreativity," this agency looks for media communications solutions that go beyond the obvious and into the extraordinary. In addition, the PR group offers services in client research and marketing program development and evaluation. Ketchum's formidable client list includes such names as FedEx, Delta Air Lines, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Wendy's, Kodak, Macy's, and the World Economic Forum. In addition, Ketchum has fulfilled numerous contracts for public relations with many agencies of the US government, including the Internal Revenue Service and the US Army.

Founded by Judith R. King, King + Company is a major media communications firm that can handle any marketing concern, from brand management to social media outreach to public relations crisis management. Every public relations project they take on is put through a process known as "Charrette," where hundreds of questions are used to build a detailed blueprint and benchmarks of the successful marketing campaign that's soon to follow. To date, some of the biggest clients that King + Company has served include DreamWorks Animation, the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Korey Kay & Partners is a New York based advertising agency that was founded in 1982 and has done work with plenty of companies in supplying them with all of their advertising needs. Their claim is being the Agency for Entrepreneurs and they go by the credo "Outsmart not Outspend" to describe how the kind of work that they provide their clients with. What Korey Kay & Partners does for their clients is work on putting them on the map, and then expanding all across the map to give their clients a maximum amount of exposure for everyone to see.

Located in Chicago and other cities throughout North America, Leo Burnett Group is a leader in the industry of creative advertising agencies and is one of the largest and best known. They pride themselves in providing their clients and brands with a design that keeps in mind a human purpose that serves to true human needs. The belief system behind Leo Burnett is something they call HumanKind, which is their approach to marketing revolving around not focusing on just branding or selling products, but catering to people and a purpose.

Providing many services such as media planning and buying, SEM, SEO, PPC, digital marketing, social media strategy and much more, Maxus Global is an agency that focuses on providing Relationship Media to its clients. The philosophy is designed to build a relationship that is more profitable for both ends -- consumers and brands -- so everyone can benefit off of the media planning that Maxus Global supplies. The company is ever growing and continues to build a positive reputation of a company that provides many services that are needed in the marketing world.

One of the major agencies in the advertising world and existing for a century, McCann Erickson / New York is a major player in the industry with its role of defining the understanding of what motivates consumers in an ever-changing environment. The company carries a reputation of having a powerful impact on the advertising business through the success of their clients and in general throughout the industry. McCann Erickson has been one of the most influential agencies behind some of the most famous brand building advertisements ever developed from their role in the "Priceless" MasterCard campaign to the U.S. Army's "Army Strong" branding.

Mcgarrybowen was founded in 2002 with the idea in mind that the clients they work with deserve better. The agency has been committed to delivering great services to their clients through brand building and the growth of businesses. They believe that the best award they can receive is the growth of the business that they are helping by using their strategic planning that conforms to what their clients want and need to help build the brand. Building an agency from the ground up and implementing their services to strictly adhere to the wants and needs of the client for their brand building campaigns has been a great decision for Mcgarrybowen.

As one of the leading media agencies in the world, the MediaCom idea is to plan and buy media from all over the world for their clients. With the focus on consumers, clients and staff, they believe in treating individuals well with the philosophy that people should come first and they should be happy with the agency they are working with. It doesn't matter if clients need media in print, outdoor, direct or television forms, MediaCom is dedicated to helping their clients all over the world with offices in 89 countries.

Providing marketing and media services through many industry-first initiatives and products, MediaVest USA is a marketing agency that specializes in making their connection with their clients more meaningful. It's an experience for individuals and the company uses their innovative tactics and ensures their clients that they will continually evolve ahead of the pace of change in the industry to stay ahead of the game when it comes to all marketing needs. The simple concept is to implement the Truth & Design point of view and taking complex things and simplifying them for those that they are working with.

Merkley + Partners is one of the leaders in advertising and marketing for multiple firms and excel in multiple niches such as advertising, media planning and buying, digital and interactive marketing, public relations, direct and promotional marketing, and much more for their clients. With thousands of clients in hundreds of countries, there are plenty of categories that Merkley + Partners services and they pride themselves in the wide range of industries that they provide quality marketing and advertising in. Everything you want and need, adding on to their large list of clients and providing the high quality work they do is the goal for M+P.

With clients in FMCG, Auto, Finance, Technology, Fashion and much, much more, Mindshare is a media communications agency that has a wide range of specialties and strategies that they can offer their clients. Social marketing, media planning and buying, digital media, content creation, paid search, SEO; there are so many options when it comes to Mindshare that clients get to choose from in order to get the most out of their campaign. Throughout 82 countries, the goal remains the same for the company and that is to ensure that the clients' brands become more famous, thus making them more profitable.

If there's ever a company to earn the credo of 'Aim High. Deliver' it's MWW, which is a public relations agency committed to providing to the needs of their clients in any way they can. In order to create value for their clients, they utilize their experience in consumer marketing, corporate communications, digital media strategies, investor relations and much more to ensure that results are maximized and the audience is inspired to act. The overall strategy of MWW for all of their clients is to essentially get them to stand out from the competition and make them matter to employees, clients and matter more than the competitors.

Ogilvy & Mather is a marketing communications company specializing in brand advertising, direct marketing, brand identity, public relations and so much more to sustain marketability for their clients. From the very beginning in 1948, the company wanted to be different from others and to provide quality and class in their operation that was built on pride and work ethic. Now, their 450 offices cover 169 cities provide so many with advertising that yields results by building the brand itself; and with clients like Ford, Shell, Barbie and Dove, the resume speaks for itself.

With a client list that features many of the leading brands in the world, OMD provides a market leading service that their clients locally, regionally and globally can benefit from. From strategic planning to analytic tools, the innovation behind OMD's success begins with their media solutions utilized to achieve revenue for their clients and increase brand recognition. With their pride in their ability to focus on strategy, intelligence and managing marketing dollars, OMD Worldwide is one of the favorites for clients because they are assured to get their money's worth with everything they do.

Providing their clients with true relationships is the main goal for Pedone as they go above and beyond just providing television commercials and print ads. They approach a brand with the same heart, the same passion as the client themselves in order to provide the best quality work and help guide increases in recognition to the brand and revenue for their clients. Through every niche they work in, Pedone has the same mentality when it comes to each of their projects and that is to understand the business in an intimate way, then go to work for them.

PHD is a UK-based media agency that extends across a vast global network. Developed in 1990, it was one of the early pioneers in the industry. Their core product is online media consulting, which involves communication and channel planning, social media, ad buying and bidding, sponsorship and branded content creation and search and affiliate marketing. With endless resources, PHD has put together expert specialist teams and systems to ensure insightful analysis, forward and innovative thinking and top-notch delivery supported by leading reporting and management systems.

Porter Novelli is a global PR firm that is part of the Omnicom Group. Originally started as a public relations firm that elevated the visibility of social causes and nonprofit organizations, the company has moved on to working in crisis management, healthcare, technology, and corporate affairs. An early proponent of using social media as part of corporate marketing, they once offered pro bono services to fledgling fashion designers. This effort garnered a lot of attention and accolades from the public relations industry.

RGA is a massive firm that describes itself as the "digital agency for the digital age". This agency employs multiple departments that specialize in platforms and applications, campaigns, digital advertising, relationship marketing, ecommerce, brand development, mobile, social and retail. A very unique feature to their operations is that producers work side by side with account managers and other departments to find and create advertising solutions together. And in this environment, the creative process comes to fruition quickly through content production done within their in-house digital studio.

Silver + Partners is an all-encompassing advertising agency located in New York City. They were recently recognized by Advertising Age as an "agency to watch in 2013". The agency conceived and delivered on campaigns for well-known firms like Verizon, Ben and Jerry's, Honest Tea, Carmax and Qdoba Mexican Grill. Some of their campaigns have been seen on the global scale creating massive buzz for their respective clients. Their advertisements have appeared on Super Bowl broadcasts and have won many global industry awards.

TargetCast Tcm is an independent media agency that delivers brilliant communications strategies and hard-working marketplace tactics. Their strategy relies on proprietary and syndicated tools to better understand their target markets. From the data collected, Targetcast conceives campaigns for broadcast, direct response, interactive marketing and print. Their depth of experience extends across a multitude of industries like automotive, entertainment, financial services, travel, healthcare, and retail. Their targeted ad platform covers situation analysis, consumer insights, channel planning, implementation and accountability.

TBWA\CHIAT\DAY is an advertising agency located on Madison Avenue in New York City. A perennial top-10 worldwide advertising agency, they were recently recognized by Advertising Age as "Best International Network of the Decade". The agency develops strategies, advertising and creative content for some of the world's most recognized brands. Possibly the biggest agency in the world, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY has a staff of over 12,000 operating in 77 different countries. They work in a number of disciplines like design, digital, retail, sports sponsorship, cause-related marketing, custom publishing, mobile marketing and brand amplification.

The Gate Worldwide is a full-service, international advertising agency that is headquartered in New York, Edinburgh, London and Hong Kong. Their internationally broadcasted campaigns have been seen by millions on print, digital and television. Their clientele span several industries with State Street Global Advisers, Con Edison, Duxiana, United Rentals and iRobot all employing the Gate as their main source of creativity and innovation for their advertising efforts. They have collectively mastered the art of mass communication through strategic planning and execution. Yet they measure their work through qualitative and quantitative research to make a precise evaluation and study of the brand.

The Ruder Finn Group is a famous public relations firm with offices in the United States and in China. Founded in 1948, their first client was famous American singer and television personality, Perry Como. Over time, they expanded their business to cover consumer products companies and government agencies. Despite their venerable reputation, they have expanded into the digital market with the establishment of RFI studios, a division dedicated to helping clients protect and build their reputations online. Recently, they expanded their operations to Asia, catering to clients in China and Japan.

Weber Shandwick is a public relations firm formed by the merger of the Weber Group, Shandwick International and BSMG. In recent news, the firm was hired by Medicare and Medicaid Services to raise awareness for state healthcare insurance exchanges of the Affordable Care Act. Another famous client is tech giant, Microsoft; they supported the software company by distributing creative PR for products like Windows Client and Microsoft Dynamics. On the digital end, they developed a social media crisis simulator called Firebell. It was the beginning of a huge push for the agency to modernize for the digital and social media world.

Wieden + Kennedy is an independent advertising agency with several locations around the world. The agency is headquartered in Portland, Oregon where they exclusively handle the advertising campaigns of their more famous Oregon neighbor, Nike. They have an all-star list of clients that includes the aforementioned Nike, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Chrysler, Facebook, Kraft, Levi's and Sony. Given the global reach of all their clients, the agency creates a wide array of advertisements in many languages. Every year, it is sure that in every Top-10 list for best advertisement, a Wieden + Kennedy is listed.

Wongdoody is an advertising agency founded in 1993. They have offices in Los Angeles and Seattle. They were recently awarded by Ad Age as Best Small Agency of the Year for agencies with less than 150 employees. Despite the small size of the company, its roster of clients is one of the strongest in the field and the advertisements made for TV and digital are considered the most creative in the industry. From clients like ESPN in media, Amazon in digital, T-Mobile in telecommunications and Del Taco in Foods, Wongdoody is one of the busiest firms in the U.S.

Wunderman is one of the largest networks for advertising, marketing and PR consulting with locations in 55 countries across the globe. It was founded by Lester Wunderman, the man considered to be the originator of modern-day direct marketing. They describe themselves as brand-minded storytellers and business-minded strategists who connect brands with the constant flow of customer interest. They have a long standing relationship with many key clients like Citibank and Pfizer. From their direct marketing roots, they expanded their operations to match the needs of this current digital age by managing operations in digital, mobile, social and eCommerce.

Young and Rubicam (Y&R) is a global marketing and communications company that specializes in advertising, digital, sales, promotion, social media, direct marketing and brand awareness. Founded in 1923, Y&R produced the first colored television commercial and was one of the first companies to specialize in public relations and reputation management. Y&R has gone beyond their direct marketing beginnings by becoming a funder and incubator for creative and innovative startups. It is this committed pursuit of innovation which is part of the company credo to "Resist the Usual".

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